Florida Special Districts Are Being Sued Because Their Websites Are Not Compliant With Accessibility Standards.

All Florida special districts are required to maintain a public website according to Fla. Stat. §189.069, and the Florida Special District Accountability Program has clearly stated that these websites must comply with ADA requirements and the standards of WCAG 2.0 “AA” and Section 508.

There are currently plaintiff’s law firms specializing in these website accessibility lawsuits that have brought hundreds of suits in Florida this past year and several have been filed against Florida special districts.

Our website was built to meet both the content requirements of the Florida statute as well as the accessibility requirements in WCAG 2.0 “AA” and Section 508. We strongly believe in accessibility for all and strive to eliminate your compliance issues by consistently reviewing, testing and updating our website.

We can build your District’s website and have it up and loaded within a few days and will provide the management and ongoing support for only $450.00 per year. You simply send us your compliant* files monthly and we will handle the uploading and updating required by statute. If you can email us a Word/Excel file, you are qualified to manage your website as we handle all the webmaster duties for you!

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(* While our website is compliant, you must assure that your documents are compliant when uploaded, or you will not meet the required compliance standards.)

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